Sky of Seven Colors

In a strange part of the forest, the divide between worlds grows thin.

After the accident, Meg would do anything to wake her best friend from his deadly coma. At least, that’s what she whispered into the woodland shadows. She never imagined her wish would trap her in a gray other-earth, void of any color.

Meg's vibrant humanity is a priceless artifact in the gray kingdom, coveted by the royal court. All she wants to do is find a way back home. Until she discovers the other-earth contains healing powers that can save her friend. But only if Meg becomes what the gray people need—a human bride for Kalmus, the powerful king of the capital city.

With her heart torn between earths, Meg’s choices may cost more than she knows.

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People of Water

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People of Water is a standalone companion novelette. It takes place one hundred thousand years prior to the events in Sky of Seven Colors.

Out of the 832 souls living on the Vessel, there are only fifty-nine children, and Calara is the oldest by far—a lonely age to be. Her people fled their ancestral lands three generations ago, learning to endure a harsh life on the open sea. Now their numbers are dwindling. When Calara develops the rare ability to dream the future, the Vessel's survival falls into her young hands.

 As she struggles to understand her own power, the dreams lead to an encounter with a strange race of land dwellers. They hold the key to either saving the Vessel's people or destroying them, and Calara might be the only one who still believes the future can change. But dreams aren't an exact art, and choices make a difference in unpredictable ways.

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Title to be revealed

I signed a new contract with Enclave publishing for a YA fantasy standalone!

It's a heart level story about an isolated girl, an unthinkable betrayal, and the dragon who lives on the mountain.

Coming Early 2025

Rachelle Nelson

I grew up reading fantasy novels and getting my clothes muddy in the pine forests of Idaho. These days, I still love hiking through mountains and libraries, though I'm a bit less fond of mud. I don't write true stories, but I do write about truth. My books explore new worlds and healing hearts. When I'm not reading and writing, I sing in a band with my talented husband, who makes me happier than should be legal. If you like good food and honest conversations, we'll probably be friends. See my debut novel.

my publisher

I'm thrilled to be working with the team at Enclave, a leading publisher of award winning speculative fiction! I highly encourage you to check out their catalog of hope-filled, wholesome, and adventurous novels. My first two novels have been released through their young adult press, Enclave Escape—an amazing resource for parents, teachers, and teens.


Rachelle Nelson
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